The Numbers As of August 2014

One of our children at the Resource Center

We thought you might like to know a little more about your impact on the issue of homeless families:

We have served 49 families (61 adults and 88 children) since opening our doors December 2011.

Of those 28.6 percent have found permanent housing and 28.6 percent have found transitional housing.

We have provided 8, 208 bed-nights (persons-beds) and 24,600 meals.

This is no small accomplishment, but together we can do much. We thank you for the love, hospitality and generosity that you have given these wonderful families. You are making a difference!!


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“Network for Good” With Family Promise SGV

Family Promise of San Gabriel Valley is now using the “Network for Good” online fundraising platform.

Donors can choose their contribution amount and decide whether to donate to Family Promise SGV once, monthly, quarterly or annually. Network for Good takes debit and credit cards or PayPal accounts.

The online platform also allows donors to designate their contributions for specific purposes. Donors can also join Club 360 — a group of donors committed to giving at least $360 annually to Family Promise of San Gabriel Valley.

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Our Thanks to Alhambra Rotary Clubs for Providing Shoes to Our Guests

A Family Promise guest shows off the shoes he obtained courtesy of the Rotary Club of Alhambra and the Alhambra Next Generation Rotary Club.

When our adult guests enter Family Promise of San Gabriel Valley, getting a job is only the beginning.

They need transportation to their new jobs, especially if the work hours are early or late. And they need work clothes, including shoes.

One of our guest dads needed shoes for a new job that he started the day after he entered the Family Promise program. Thanks to the Rotary Club of Alhambra and the San Gabriel Valley Next Generation Rotary Club, he got those shoes.

Last spring, the two Rotary Clubs generously treated our guest families to new shoes and socks at the Payless Shoe Source in Alhambra. They also provided Family Promise eight gift cards to use for additional families in the future – gift cards that helped pay for this latest guest’s shoes.

Thank you, Rotary of Alhambra and New Gen Rotary. Your generosity and kindness continues to benefit families in need.


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Changes on the Board of Directors

It is with great pleasure that Pastor Shel Hess of St. Paul Lutheran Church in Montery Park has been elected to join the Family Promise of San Gabriel Valley’s board of directors. He will assume the role of treasurer as Vince Wong transitions off the board.

Pastor Shel has been involved with Family Promise since the beginning of our organizing efforts. St. Paul Lutheran Church also is a host congregation. Pastor Shel has also served on the boards of other nonprofits, most recently the San Gabriel Valley Consortium on Housing and Homelessness and currently MERCI, in Monterey Park. He is also a longstanding member of Family Promise SGV’s Club 360.

Meanwhile, former board President, Michael Gin, and his wife Debbie have departed for their new home in Pittsburgh, Penn. Michael was one of the original organizers of Family Promise SGV and has faithfully supported the program and our guest families over the past five years. He will be greatly missed by all. We wish him and his wife well as they settle into their new home.


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A Peaceful Day

One of our children at the Resource Center

Today both families (except our working dad) are here at the Resource Center. The kids are getting along, playing, the moms are cleaning and making appointments. It is wonderful to see them comfortable and knowing where they will be tonight.

If they were not at Family Promise, they would probably be in a bus, on a park bench or standing in a line trying to get some help with food and shelter for tonight. But they know that they will be well fed and housed for the week with our host congregation. The volunteers will be there to greet them tonight when our van arrives with the families.

So today Yadira is able to rest a little, her daughter can play with the other mom’s son. His little sister is free to roam in and out of our offices and the day room without concern for her safety.

I am working on the strategic planning report for the board meeting later this week. And I am thinking about how difficult it is to convey the joy I feel at being able to provide such safety and hospitality for these wonderful kids and their parents. How do you quantify the smile on a child’s face when she comes in bringing a book that she wants me to read to her? How the two older kids come in every 10 minutes to see if I am done with the report so we can play Monopoly? What a pleasure it is to be used in this way…to serve such delightful human beings!



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Join “Prescription to End Homelessness”

Got old prescription medication bottles? You can use them to help end homelessness.

Just fill them with any quarters you can save or collect and turn them in to your host coordinator or at the Family Promise Resource Center.

It may seem like a small amount, but the spare change you save will help Family Promise of San Gabriel Valley keep homeless children and their parents off the streets. You can fill as many bottles as you want, for as long as you want. You can even get your children involved in saving and collecting quarters.

Family Promise has a flyer and labels that you can place on your old prescription bottles. For more information, please contact.



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Our New Children’s Activity Volunteers

Family Promise is so blessed to have such wonderful and gifted people who have a heart for children. Our children’s activity volunteers will provide special attention to the needs of the children during this difficult time. In addition, they give the parents an hour break so they can attend to their own needs or do job or housing searches. One of the new moms said, “It would just be really nice to sit and read a book for a couple of minutes without worrying about the kids.”

So we are thrilled to have Lisa, Kristen and Vicky on board to share special time with the children. Thank  you for your loving care of our kids.

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Introducing Our Newest Van Driver

I want to introduce you to Benjamin, our new van driver. Benjamin comes to us with seven years of driving experience. For his full-time job, he drives a school bus for special need teens.

Driving our families is a very important and special work, and Benjamin’s background is well-suited for this work. He will be a great addition to the van-driving team of Luis, Alonzo and Frankie.

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Come Join Our Fundraiser on Tuesday, July 22, at Twohey’s!

Join us on Tuesday, July 22, for a meal at Twohey’s Restaurant in Alhambra.

Just bring this flier and Twohey’s will donate 15 percent of your bill to Family Promise of San Gabriel Valley.

So invite your friends and family, enjoy a meal and help homeless families regain their independence!

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Van Driver Needed!

Commercial Class B licensed for part-time driving Monday thru Friday, 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. Call 626-569-0991 or send resume to karen.roberson (at)

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